Welcome to RegioCompass!

RegioCompass is a new dynamic team providing you and your company solutions in finding business partners, obtaining market intelligence and offering translation services . We specialize in the countries and markets of Central and Eastern Europe, and the countries of former Soviet Union. We help you to navigate in those regions, we also guide you on your desired target markets and assist you in finding reliable partners, gathering information or eliminating the communication barriers while you are entering to the desired countries and regions. Let us help you to boost your regional presence and establishing yourself on a global level too.

RegioCompass – Be regional. Grow global.

About Us

We are multilungual professionals with experience from different fields of business and communication. We understand and speak the language of your industry and target markets. Let us make your business grow. We offer trade, market intelligence and translation services in the following industries:


Market Intelligence

During the many years working with different businesses from different countries we managed to gather a market intelligence experience that is waiting for your to benefit from it. We have been involved in business matchmaking projects and market entry strategies consulting. We provided intelligence and news to our customers by browsing the industry news and information in particular markets. We provide you market and country reports about your target countries, markets and businesses. Let us explore the path to your goals.


We also handle with representment and trade of foodstuffs and FMCG goods on the markets of Central and Eastern Europe as target. We provide also consulting services in the field of international trade, we obtain information for your business about your competitors and potential partners as well.


Sometimes English or another world language is not enough. With our translation services you may reach a wider target group on the markets and you can be more confident about meeting your goals. Knowing and communicating in a local language may make your efforts more effective and also can boost your sales. We provide written translation services in marketing, trade, communication in Polish, Czech, Slovakian, Hungarian and Russian languages. We also can handle your correspondence in the local language of your target market. For the available language pairs please see the list below:

Englishenglish -Hungarianhungarian Hungarianhungarian-
Czechczech-Englishenglish Russianrussian-Englishenglish Slovakianslovakian-Englishenglish
Englishenglish-Russianrussian Hungarianhungarian-Russianrussian Czechczech-Russianrussian Russianrussian-Hungarianhungarian Slovakianslovakian-Russianrussian
Englishenglish-Polishpolish Hungarianhungarian-Polishpolish Czechczech-Polishpolish Russianrussian-Polishpolish Slovakianslovakian-Polishpolish
Englishenglish-Slovakianslovakian Hungarianhungarian-Slovakianslovakian Czechczech-Hungarianhungarian Russianrussian-Czechczech Slovakianslovakian-Czechczech
Englishenglish-Czechczech Hungarianhungarian-Czechczech Czechczech-Slovakianslovakian Russianrussian-Slovakianslovakian Slovakianslovakian-Hungarianhungarian


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